What to do with my frustration?

This is really frustrating as i have no idea on how to deal with my frustration.Everthing seems impossible go as well as i expect,and i doubt whether it is necessary for me to continue with my effort?It seems that i’ve run out of my kindness and simply wish to be evil,fragile and irritable.How much more will i have to endure before getting the real freedom?i hope it won’t be long .and everything is going to be good enough by tomorrow.

I was unable to control myself while sleeping ,I crawled and cried,wishing to push out of my fears and anxieties from inside.i don’t understand why the world has to run in this way and people have to suffer before enjoying,I’ve decided to give up so that I can be freed from maintaining what’s called a normal life.It is bad enough that no one will accept the expectation in my own own life ,why do i still blame myself for having such expectation?i’ve compromised too much and from now on i will only delight myself.

Things could get worse but i will keep my hope.Badly,it seems i don’t like to make any effort to imrove my current situation,which involves a man and two families.i am feel very tired,and i’ve have run out of ideas on how to pleasing everone.i really won’t any more,i can’t take all the responsibility on my self on my own simply because i want to get approvals from everone,i ‘m not my self any more .i want to destroy and damage \hurt ,just like what they did to me .

I’m sorry if I made wrong decisions, but it will be only about me. No one will be able to decide what I should do and should not do. I will pretend to be unselfish no longer . I will love myself more than anyone. I will not allow anyone to hurt me either physically or mentally