Details joying life

As all  we know ,the facters  that can make a person feel happy about life is mostly the wealth ,occupation,mindset,and so on,which  are  playing more and more important roles in our lives, particularly in material society.while as reported ,the   happiness  we feel is mainly come from some details in our daily life ,which is particularly some visible and specific things.for example ,a Phoenix TV talk show about seven little things you can obtain happiness .

1.When you feel  around your pockets ,and unexpectedly find  some money.

2.You catch a bus or train seccessfully.

3.someone is keeping  holding the botton of elevator and waiting for you.

4.When  the phone rings, after picking up the receiver and you find it is just  the person  you are waiting for .

5.when you ask someone  for scratching back for you,and he can find where you am juckendsten.

6.The goods you are planing to buy has lowered the price.

7.When you throw the rubbish into a trashcan at one time ,wow that is perfectly.